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Health & Wellness Advice:
    • A free consultation to discuss:
      • Medical conditions
      • Treatment options:
        • Medications: prescription and over-the-counter
        • Non-medication measures
          • Diet
          • Exercise
          • Prevention
          • Helpful tips
      • How your medications work
      • When to take your medications relative to:
        • Meals
        • Sleep
        • Other medications
        • supplements
      • When to expect results
      • Next steps if your condition hasn’t improved
      • Side effects
      • Drug interactions
Diabetes Education
    • Nutrition
    • Blood glucose monitoring
      • Meter training
      • When to test
      • How frequently to test
      • Sick day management
    • Medications
    • Insulin
      • Starting insulin
      • Injection training
      • Dose adjustments
        • To achieve target FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose)
        • To achieve target PBG (Post-meal Blood Glucose)
        • Reducing your fast-acting insulin dose prior to physical activity
      • Monitoring and safely reducing your dose when you’re ready to make dietary changes
Prescription Transfers
  • To transfer your prescriptions from your current pharmacy, please call us at 647-350-5100, or fill out our transfer request form:

    Prescription Transfers

Specialty Skin Care

Dermatologist selected lines for sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema

  • Soaps
  • Hand & body moisturizers
  • Facial cleansers
  • Facial moisturizers
  • Lip care
  • Barriers

See more info on our Specialty Skin Care Lines:

Specialty Sun Care

Dermatologist selected sun protection

  • Inorganic blockers
  • Organic blockers

See more info on our Specialty Sun Care Lines: